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Your call is important to us…

… we just don”t want to pay for more staff. Or alternatively provide a web service, or working products so that you don”t need to phone us. 15mins on hold with Easynet (this is now our fifth? outage). Last time we were without broadband at work for a month, this time it”s two weeks. Boy […]

drip drip drip

Well hopefully that’s the dripping hot taps sorted out. 6 new taps fitted (unfortunately we couldn’t find matching ones). I”m not impressed by homebase – they had 40+ sets of bath taps of the sort we wanted, but no basin taps. Big strugle to change those on the mini-basin though – there’s no space to […]

CDs all ripped

Hooray! Finally ripped all my CDs to .ogg format (at -q8 – very high quality). 21GB total for about 220 CDs – so a shade under 100MB/CD. A lower quality would have made this smaller still – I could probably knock 30-50% off this I reckon. But disk is cheap

Power, more virus ideas

Well during the course of the day I needed to go as far as calculating the amount of power that a rack may draw. I wouldn’t be suprised if a rack of disks pulls more current than this, but hey, it’s a start. Take a pSeries 570 – 4U, 1400W max. So you can put […]

Friends and babies

Ah, a lovely weekend visiting friends (and their children). Also went swimming for the first time in ages in Tina and Roy’s lovely swimming pool (indoor and heated). Lots of fun had by all and after Rob swam four lengths underwater (I could only manage two) I do believe I need to get more exercise […]

Camera, viruses

Well today I finally order a digital camera. For the upcoming holiday I didn’t think the Canon EOS 600 SLR was really that suitable. The lovely [ Canon IXUS 700] should do nicely. Thought for the day (an old thought this one). People get worried about computer viruses, but really, they cause _very_ little harm […]

Support (or lack of it)

I’m a huge fan of open source. If there’s a bug, I can generally track it down and with luck, fix it. The likelyhood of me fixing something various from very high with stuff I’m familiar (shell script, Linux, perl, C) to very little (Java, databases). Currently I have a few problems to resolve, all […]

Troubleshooting the Linux boot process

Wrote a wiki article on Debugging the Linux boot process.

Cloning a Linux machine

Earlier today I cloned a Linux machine (we ran out PCI slots in the first machine). As the machine in question is our firewall I wanted to do this live so I decided to use the old favourite of “tar over the network”. Details of the process are available in my wiki under [ Cloning].


Webcam at home. Please note that this maybe disconnected at time or just not updating.