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July 2005
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Some scumbag broke in to this server last week. I knew about one drupal exploit (in the comment code) but since only registered users (which I vet) can use that I thought I was okay. Didn’t know about the xmlrpc.php exploit Anyhow, box rebuilt from scratch, everything upto date and all important services restored (I’m […]

DTV part 2

Wow! After a few teething troubles (like how on earth to tune it and use it) the DTV is working perfectly – all off a tiny 6″ aerial too. I’ve written up my experiences, but currently it’s a very basic setup.


Well tomorrow I should be the proud owner of one of a Twinhan DTV Alpha. The size of a cigarette lighter, it’s a USB2 digital TV tuner. I”ll have to see what the reception is like here though – the nearest transmitter isn’t too far away fortunately.

Some reading material

Advanced Programming in the UNIX environment (2nd edition) arrived today. The definitive Unix programming book (so I”m told). It even has a dilbert cartoon on the front It is the largest book I’ve got by some margin (that’s the Perl camel book v2 next to it). I bought it from here to support the Register […]


I have finally found time to finish off installing gallery (version 2). Unfortunately it seems to have a bug such that it isn’t taking the orientation of the photos into account automatically. It knows it needs to rotate them it just doesn”t. Hopefully this will be fixed in a short while. Rollercoaster award goes to […]


I have a fair few machines at home which ”ve written up here for the sake of it. In a few months I’ll be purchasing my first new home machine (firewall replacement not withstanding) for quite some time. All in order to play oblivion cerberos Athlon XP1600+ 256MB memory (+256MB awaiting replacement from Crucial) 4.3GB […]

Working from home

I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to work from home the last day and a half. I get so much more work done when I can sit down and stand a good chance of not being disturbed. Yesterday was particularly nice since it was “read nagios documentation” day. In glorious sunshine Today I […]

Phonetic alphabet – by open source distribution

The other day at work, I thought wouldn’t it be cool (read “sad”) to have a phonetic alphabet which instead of using the standard “alpha”, “foxtrot” names, used open source distributions instead. So here it is (currently missing decent distros for letters “J” and “Q”): A is for Arch B is for BSD C is […]

Terrorist scum

Given todays events – the cowardly bombing of London, I have to write my thoughts on this. If you want to change what people are doing, bombing them is not going to work unless you are very big and they are very few. I think America”s handling of 9/11 will cause them to become a […]

Back from holiday

Well I’ve been back from holiday for some time now, but just catching up on things. Photos will be up in a little while and normal service maybe resumed. Interesting driving in America, apart from managing to press the large brake pedal as if it were a clutch (think emergency stop) twice within about a […]