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August 2005
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Not Wallace and Gromit, but a presentation program called gromit which lets you doodle on the screen. It grabs the “pause” key, and then lets you draw on the screen, toggle the overview, etc etc. One of those applications that’s useful to know about, but that you’ll probably never remember about when you want it!

Boot speedup days

The speedup continues :-) When importing my blog I thought that these were served better by pointing it to an aggregated Wiki page.

Debian repository

I now have a private Debian repository. This contains packages that I’ve packaged up but not uploaded into Debian proper. This is probably for one of several reasons: it”s very rough packaging source code only (due to licensing restraints) due to the lack of time I currently spend on Debian I feel it’s not right […]


I”m talking the 19″ wide variety that you put servers etc in. They seem to vary greatly in quality – unfortunately some customers seem to get really cheap and nasty ones. First of all, some comments. There are two types of rack – comms rack and server racks. Comms rack are for network switches etc […]

DRBD (network mirroring)

Just got [ DRBD] up and running. This is basically RAID-1 over the network and it stands for Distributed Replicated Block Device. So, I setup the mirror, forced the initial sync, then created a FS on one node, copied files into it, then swapped primary and secondary around, remounted FS on the second node and […]

Interview #1

Went okay I think. It’s not easy to have a decent technical interview unless you have alot of time to setup scenarios so you can plonk someone in front of the box and say “have a go”. Kudos to John for asking one of the nastiest Unix questions “how can you tell what runlevel you […]


‘.. and so it begins (Babylon-5). I always find interviews quite stressful since it normally takes me a while to be comfortable talking to people. Some very interesting jobs going. I’m really excited, however at the same time, I don’t want to be disappointed if I don’t get a job I”m after. I can’t say […]


Have a look at this optical illusion. If you look at the cross, you can see a green dot circling, but the purple dots vanish.

Anti spam

Well I’m sure you have all noticed spammers are getting more desperate. Anyone who buys stuff from people sending emails with such mangle text or random phrases is asking to be ripped off. In fact, as reported by information week, 11% of people admitted to buying things from spam, with 9% ripped off. Shame it […]

Linux kernel modules for the uninitiated

Well, I managed to get myself volunteered to present a talk at the upcoming Hampshire Linux User Group meeting on Saturday 6th at Southampton Uni. The title of the talk is “Linux modules for the uninitiated” (blame Tony). It’s an introduction to modules on Linux – what, why and how. I”m not covering building them […]