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June 2006
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Archive for June, 2006

tail -f and awk

Techie one this. I wanted to do this: tail -f filename | awk ‘{ …; exit}’ However this didn’t work – originally I thought awk had the pipe open, but it turned out that actually it was the tail hanging around and not dying (why it doesn’t acknowledge the SIGPIPE that I think it’ll get [...]

Humax 9200T PVT – Linux driver

Well, I’ve bought a PVR – selected on [ Alan]‘s advice. Overall I’m pretty happy, it was always going to be a tradeoff between not having to spend much time on it and non-ideal behaviour. The new firmware will fix up some of the missing features (such as the fact that once you have started [...]

new PC

Well I think it’s about time I started looking for a new PC now that Oblivion is almost upon us. I don’t seem to have picked a good time to buy, Conroe looks like it could quite severly kick AMDs butt (3Q), and the new AM2 socket supports DDR2 (any _maybe_ DDR3) (2Q). However the [...]

Debian sudo behaviour change

In case it bugs anyone else, Debian’s sudo package has changed its behaviour recently. Namely when I do “sudo su” it behaves as if I’ve done “sudo su -” – breaking all X-windows sessions and changing my current path. I don’t like this behaviour, so I have added this into /etc/sudoers: Defaults env_keep+=”*”

The dreadful state of devices

This is aimed fair and square at Nokia, but applies to many other companies too. I’ve been lucky enough to get a new Nokia E60. It has built-in wifi access, but whilst surfing the web is all well and good, it’s tricky from a phone. The _real_ use is for internet telephony and for this [...]