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September 2006
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AJAX and Ruby on Rails

I needed to write an application for work and needed a web front end on it. I thought I’d look at Ruby on Rails again. I’m still a bit slow at it since it’s so new to me, but you don’t get any better without practice. Anyhow, some work in hours and out of hours […]

Creative Labs T-7900 speakers on Linux

Well the speakers have arrived, they worked more or less out of the box. It still took me a while before I was happy it was working because I hadn’t realised that the side and rear speakers don’t get activated in normal use. The way to test is to use a proper test program: speaker-test […]

Samsung ML1610 printer on Linux

This was fairly simple, but didn’t work out of the box. First off, I downloaded the huge “unified” printer driver from Samsung. I can’t say I’m a big fan of these things – I like small drivers, not huge all in one applications with GUI installers – it’s just not the Unix way and makes […]


Just thought this up on IRC and thought it was amusing: AeroPain: when your machine isn”t fast enough to run Vista”s eye candy

New PC – this time it’s for real

Well sometime ago I was looking at getting a new PC, but held off for Intel’s Conroe CPU (aka Core 2 Duo). That worked very well as it’s a superb chip and even if I went with AMD, they’ve decimated their prices (they had dropped a lot already, they’ve just dropped another 50% apparently!). Here’s […]

Boycotting Sony

Looking around me, the only Sony equipment I have is an old Discman and an old Walkman so it’s fairly clear that I’ve never been a huge Sony fan – I’ve always bought equipment on its merits. On the good side their products are generally nicely designed from a looks a touchy/feely point of view […]