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October 2007
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Fixing computers definitely has its upsides, as a reward for fixing a computer an ex-colleague invited me for dinner a while back with her family. It was a really nice lasagne and Karen was kind enough to send me the details. So it’s now become one of my regular dishes. Here’s this week’s sample – […]

Cisco VPNs are horrible

At least in my experience. In fact, I don’t like Cisco: * you can’t get new VPN clients without a license agreement (which then means you need a friendly network guy) * they just don’t seem to fix bugs * and then they [ threaten people when they point out unpatched security holes] I suppose […]

puppet – autobuild progress report

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been using [ puppet] to manage my machines at home – deploying config files, packages etc. Just search for “puppet” and you’ll find my earlier posts. This was in preparation for rolling it out at a customer which we’ve now done. The timescale is now: # add machine to puppet […]


I’ve been running my xen server at home for some time now and it’s time to RAID the disks. Fortunately I planned to do this from the outset so I had installed it as a degraded array. It’s now all synced up and since the format of /proc/mdstat doesn’t seem fabulously well explained anywhere, I’ve […]

Rush concert

Went to see Rush in concert last night. Fabulous – not least because we were middle of the stadium in the second row 😀 When you are that close, the big screens really are a very poor substitute. You could see every detail when they played, their expressions etc. Also the pretty intense heat from […]


Today a friend^W aquaintance^W some bloke asked if I’d run Xen in production. My answer was “no, not really”. I do use it a fair bit, but I’m reluctant to but anything critical on it since I’ve had a problem a few times (as has this friend) where I received the dreaded “unable to communicate […]

Recruitment testing

I’ve been doing a bit of interviewing recently and generally I’ve been very unimpressed with the candidates. I’ve seen CVs so poorly written (or retyped by agencies) that I’d personally dismiss them there and then (this is _after_ someone else has already weeded out the worst culprits). The biggest problem by far though is people […]


Well thanks to Jane, Rob, Syndey, Eddie and Morris for inviting me! We had a fantastic time at Legoland Windsor, followed by the usual swimming session on Sunday. Bit exhausted now (didn’t really notice until today but I’ve been yawning all day). I’ve put a few photos up on my new [ photo album]. As […]