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January 2008
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Windows – arrrgghhh

Well today I’ve been testing [ Zimbra] as a replacement for out useless outsourced Exchange provider. I’ll leave Zimbra for another day. Today was “why do people use windows?” day as I was doing a lot of testing with Outlook. Problems hit so far today: * needed to reboot to install some updates (wouldn’t let […]

WordPress updates

A bit of an update on wordpress (now on version 2.3). Raised a [ bug] that it appears to break the website. [ Fortunately] visiting the admin page presents an “upgrade DB” button which works the magic. Bit of a scary moment there (although being the sysadmin that I am I had dumped the database […]

Not steak and kidney pie

We don’t eat steak and kidney pie like some families do. However I do really like [ this version]. Let’s go through the checklist: * kidney (no) * steak (no – it’s pork fillet) * puff pastry (no) * shortcrust pastry (no, similar, but self-raising flour to make it lighter) Still, it was nice, lasted […]

It never rains

But it (down)[ pours]

Medium steak

Well as a follow-up to the [ medium-well] done steak, today’s steak was [ medium] (if not medium-rare perhaps). Nice and juicy, though I still love the outside well done I’m afraid. I’ll probably stick at this level for a while, perhaps having one well done in a while to see how it compares once […]

Finished importing photos

I have finally finished importing all the photos off my camera. I’ve hardly used it at all recently which is a shame. Last time I remembered the camera, but mistakenly believed that it had the battery in it. Oh well. There is a link to the left (as always), or you can jump to the […]


Next weekend it’s time for another [ HantsLUG] meeting. We have a security theme this month after a poll we did showed that was the preferred topic (thanks to those who took time to vote). I’ve just finished the slides for the [ OpenVPN] talk I’ll be presenting – you can get them in both […]

Lunch – or should that be dinner?

Well the first recipe I attempted needed focaccia bread which I couldn’t find and so I substituted panini bread instead. Deciding that just making one seemed a little pointless, I would make two. It turned out I was being a bit keen, after eating two of [ these] (that’s a dinner plate BTW) I was […]


Well today I’ve finally cooked some steak medium-well – which is a huge improvement from the “very, very well-done” I normally do. I actually quite like my meat “burnt” on the outside and so traditionally (also as a family) that’s how we have always cooked it. I had a crack at the main course from […]


A nice side benefit of the weather today where it absolutely threw it down with rain was this very vibrant [ rainbow] – you can also see the secondary rainbow just to the right. A few minutes later and some clouds arrived which had the odd effect that the rainbow was just abruptly [ cut […]