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February 2008
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Well today my nice new [ shiny toys] arrived from [ Has Bean] (I have to say, Steve has been very helpful keeping me informed and being patient whilst I sorted out the order for the three of us who have ordered one). My [ first coffee] was very nice, I’m sure I’ll get much […]


Well that was a fun weekend! [ FOSDEM 2008 photos] uploaded. A big “thank you” to the FOSDEM crew, all the groups who organised talks and those who presented talks. Generally the presentation quality was very good. The timekeeping was _far_ better than the previous two times I’ve attended (2005,2006) – only one talk was […]

FOSDEM baby!

(As Tony would say) Well this weekend I’m off to the wonderful land of [ FOSDEM] in Brussels, Belgium. This is the biggest Open Source conference in Europe and is always well worth attending. As they say, “200 talks, 4000 geeks”. I won’t mention the beer. As usual we’ll be staying in the [ Novotel […]

Bizarre meeting of the week

The explanation was “it’s a team building thing – we are going to have a pointless meeting each month”. “Only rule is no work, no kids (that’s _your_ fault)” You may have seen that I’m currently seeking an Espresso machine. Well there are few coffee fanatics at a customer and so obviously I’ve asked their […]

Why designers should ask engineers

An engineer would (I hope) have spotted the [ problem]. If you link three gears like this, they cannot turn.

Sun buys another company – still has no idea what to do

Sun has now [ bought Innotek]. Another company goes down the tube then. I’m sorry but I have very, very little faith in Sun. If I was an enterprise customer I’d just worry like crazy – they seem to have no real roadmap – other than one consisting of huge amounts of hype which you’d […]

GFS – Goodgrief where’s the documentation File System

I struggled most of Friday and for a few more hours tonight (and probably more time last week I can’t recall) on setting up [ GFS] for work. GFS is a cluster filesystem – where more than one box share the filesystem amongst themselves – useful for HA (High Availability) clustering. Now an additional complexity […]

DIY weekend – and end of the diet

Had a lovely time at Andy and Vicky’s up in Oxford this weekend helping out with some of the DIY jobs to do before they add a new member to their family. I’ve uploaded a [ few photos] to my album – including some of the [ fabulous] [ nursery]. Fun jobs included: * running […]

By popular demand

My gallery uses a plugin to display [ EXIF] information about the photo (technical details as well as useful stuff like the date the photo was taken). Some friends have said that they find this a bit obtrusive so I’ve hacked in a 2 second delay before it displays the information. If you also use […]

London office

Today I finally remembered to take my camera along to one of our customers. Since I’m only there a few days a week I don’t have a proper desk, however the desk I do have is right against the window – I only have to look up (or down since it’s on the 7th floor) […]