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April 2008
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Lock ’em up and throw away the key

So another driver is [ jailed] for driving whilst banned. It’s the 51st time he’s been arrested for driving whilst banned. Less than two years ago he was [ jailed] again for driving whilst banned. 200 offences, drove over a cyclist whilst driving a getaway car. So how long until [ this sorry tale] is […]

Why aren’t schools using Open Source?

I’m doing a little research for a meeting with John Denham – Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills. I was aware of the BECTA reports, but I’ve just been doing a little calculation. Using the numbers from a [ report] published in 2000, there are 18,158 primary schools and 3,550 secondary schools in […]

Just ask the question

Unfortunately, one problem I have to deal with is people communicating with me via Skype. These people often have not learnt that Skype is a _dreadful_ way to communicate: * very poor logging * no searching * no way to mark messages as important or flag them todo (unlike email) * extremely unpleasant to the […]


Well planet is back up and running on the LUG box. Lurker ain’t happy (still) – it complains about permissions but they are fine. I’ve added some debug to see what is going on. Not looked at gallery yet. One reason I’ve not finished these yet is that my folks came down for a visit. […]

Disk updates

Well that disk looks pretty unhappy. We’ve taken the “opportunity” to move onto a new machine very kindly donated by Andy Smith of []. Just awaiting various DNS entries to trickly out. Restore took just over 10 hours to upload 1.7GB over my ADSL line. We restored the wiki’s this morning as they were […]

Penny Flanagan

On a much lighter note, I should really blog about my favourite music artist – [ Penny Flanagan]. She’s Australian and unfortunately hasn’t recorded for some time and sadly isn’t very well known. I heard an album at some friends many years ago and have been addicted ever since. I’ve only managed to get [ […]

Disk troubles

Well today we had rather unpleasant news. One of the webpages on [] was returning: Creating cache file (20080331.224307.b25e9866.en.html:Read-only file system): We could still log into the box, but on typing “dmesg” to see the kernel messages we were greated by pages of: EXT3-fs error (device ide0(3,1)) in start_transaction: Journal has aborted Sure enough, […]