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June 2008
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bye bye Xen

Well it looks like it’s time to plan a replacement server. My trusty Ideq Biostar which I’ve had since 2004/2005 is still fine, however there are some bugs for which I need to upgrade the kernel and it’s stuck at 2.6.18 since Xen hasn’t been ported to a newer kernel. I’ve backported a few fixes, […]

helpful support from

Gosh. I’m almost in shock – a company whose support was helpful. In fact, two! It’s about time to renew my domain name and although the whois records say, it’s another company I’ve actually registered though. I phoned up easyspace and (once I’d got past the queue) they told me within about 20 seconds […]

275 watts

That’s how much power my house uses “at idle”. Mostly from: * server downstairs * desktop upstairs (monitor powersaved) * humax PVR * misc items (oven, microwave, fridge/freezer) Switching one monitor on jumps it to 317W, switching a light on 362W. I’m now going to have to [ keep track] of how much each appliance […]

XP roadmap

So Windows XP (due to go out of support in 2008) has had its support extended to 2010 for mini-laptops. Odd given that service pack 3 has only just come out for it. Now they [ announce] it will also be extended for desktops. I have this picture in my mind of Microsoft adding a […]

You know you work for an IT company when…

16:27 <blueGremlin> Any company that has an employee ‘pizza preferences’ page on their wiki is off to a good start.

Coffee and Tea

However did I survive without a nice coffee machine I just don’t know. I’m sure that it’s the freshly ground coffee that makes the biggest difference. I can hardly stomach regular coffee now! Steve from HasBean is amazing as ever – for example I ordered five lots of coffee on Wednesday at 2pm. They arrived […]


I’ve decided to play around with asterisk a bit more, partly for interest, partly as we could do with cheaper conferencing at work – we spend a fair amount of money on it. I’ve started making [ notes] on my setup but they are very rough ATM. Things I’ve discovered so far: * xen DomU’s […]