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August 2008
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Eclipse – go away

Just like [ Hugo] I’ve received some spam from Eclipse: … We’ve noticed that you’ve opted to not receive further communication from Eclipse and so may be unaware of our latest improvements. … They then continue with the spam (oh, and an unsubscribe link not that will achieve anything with that policy). To all companies […]


Also known as: * our program starts too slowly * advertising our product makes our customers happy * we’ll cover up part of the screen so you can’t work whilst our bloated product loads I’ll admit that last one doesn’t apply so much to Windows users, but definitely _does_ apply (hello there openoffice) on Linux. […]


Dear HMRC, Thank you so much for including an envelope for me to reply to you with. I understand that I have to affix a stamp and that it’s not prepaid. That’s fine. However I thought you might like to know that in the country you server (in fact, across the entire continent of Europe) […]

How to workaround broken firefox favicons

For many, many months now my favicons have been corrupted – incorrect favicons stored against various bookmarks. And they keep changing. So first off all I wrote some sed to remove this from bookmarks.html: sed -i ‘s/ ICON=”[^”]*”//’ bookmarks.html I started firefox and … the icons are still there! So now I find that they […]

Microsoft to buy Sun?

After reading [;1786016474 this] article, I’m inclined to agree with the idea that “someone will buy Sun”. However I don’t agree with the author about who will buy them. Fujitsu and Sun work together on the hardware side (SPARC chips), but I don’t quite see why Fujitsu bothers TBH – as far as I’m concerned, […]

Tax calculation

Well it’s a long weekend and so after I’ve finished doing fun stuff (visiting friends, riding the bike) it’s only fair that I do some chores. One such chore was writing a letter to the Inland Revenue going through mistakes (or bad assumptions) made in my 2006-2007 tax calculation. To make my life easier I […]

Smarter cooker

Each time I cook, I wonder about a few things. Firstly, the oven – it’s a fan assisted oven and air is also blown through the front of the over to keep it cool (in case there are kids in the house). Why isn’t it just done in a similar way to Thermos flasks – […]

Congratulations, Mozilla

You have managed through sheer stupidity and bloody mindedness to overtake even Gnome as my most hated Linux project. I do _not_ like being [ mollycoddled]. The [ SSL fiasco] is still ongoing and whilst it’s now slightly easier to bypass, it’s still not good enough. How many of your users do you think are […]

hyperbole and journalism

“The quartet smashed the previous world mark of 37.40…by a huge margin to set a new benchmark of 37.10.” [ BBC] “smash Michael Johnson’s mark of 19.32….” (with 19.30) [ BBC] Dear BBC, please educate your journalists – 0.8% faster and 0.1% faster are not worthy of those statements. By comparison the [ 100m] report […]

SW RAID weirdness

Yesterday a disk dropped out of my RAID array at home: ata3.00: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x4050000 action 0xe frozen ata3.00: irq_stat 0x00000040, connection status changed ata3: SError: { PHYRdyChg CommWake DevExch } ata3.00: cmd ea/00:00:00:00:00/00:00:00:00:00/a0 tag 0 res 40/00:04:14:d6:42/00:00:25:00:00/40 Emask 0x10 (ATA bus error) ata3.00: status: { DRDY } ata3: hard resetting […]