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October 2008
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Kudos to Microsoft

Yes, really. I’m not kidding, or being sarcastic. Microsoft might, _finally_ (large pinch of salt required given past [ embrace and extend] behaviour) have decided to use open protocols. Not for MSIE – that would be the icing on the cake – albeit thick, crunchy icing. Yesterday they announced they are going to join “AMQP” […]

Use skype? Hate Skype Client

Then you need [ Skype plugin for pidgin]. Finally – tabbed window support To install: * just install .deb, restart pidgin, then “add account”, “Skype” (or “Skype/DBUS”) Problems being: * for me it always crashed on startup if I had skype running and I use “Skype/DBUS” * it also crashed once with “Skype” today

Java heap extension

In my day job I end up looking after various Java applications. One of the biggest problems here from my point of view is memory leaks. In a “normal” C program with a memory leak, you’d leak some memory consistently over time – so you can keep an eye on the program, monitor it and […]

Bit ill

But in a _good_ way. Namely right at the end of an astounding 25mins [ aerobatics]. Thanks to Chris of [ Delta Aviation] for an unforgettable experience. Initially I wasn’t fussed about having a go (I was after the “what does it feel like” experience), but I’m really glad I did – it was tremendous […]

Armchair economist

No, nothing about the current global crisis! I’ve just finished reading “The undercover economist” which was recommend by [ Graham]. So now when I read that the UK imports a [ million litres of milk] each day from Holland, Belgium and Northern Ireland, I think “and…”. More specifically what’s wrong with this? They presumably _can_ […]


(Mergers and Acquisitions) Well it has finally been done and announced. We’ve [ acquired] Altinity, developers of [ Opsview]. This is great news, I’ve been a firm believer in this since the start (in fact, I initiated the conversation). I’m really looking forward to work with the Altinity guys and helping Opsview grow as a […]


Despite what people seem to think, I’m actually generally happy. I just rant a bit, well, a lot. Masses in fact. In fact, on IRC we have a unit of Ranting – the “Bridgett”, though we normally use milliBridgetts. So, sites that make me laugh, lol, rothlmao, <g> etc: * [ XKCD] – legendary author […]


Now that suspend works I want my desktop machines to switch off when I stop using them – primarily this means overnight, but it also means “if I forget to”. Gnome-power-manger has a global “suspend after so long” option, however I wanted something more flexible. I don’t want it to suspend during the day unless […]

suspend – randomised time fixed

pm-suspend is rather nice – very small, very fast. However, on resume, the clock was stuffed – this morning it resumed as sometime in 1992. Tonight it’s resuming on Friday 1st 2012. The mangling seems fairly constant – i.e. on five tests it was always mangled to the same date. Anyway, I’ve fixed it for […]

Wicd, updates, etc

Blimey, pretty busy at work (and enjoying biking when the sun shines) so not many updates recently. The new server has arrived and has been built, I now need to work out how to migrate nicely. I’ll probably do some playing around with KVM and then have one big outage (since I’m reusing the disks […]