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November 2008
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Fog lights

Maybe we should just limit fog lights to only 6 hours use a year. Should help stop the twats who drive around with them all the time. Particularly the ones where their normal headlights are not working properly.

La Antena

Just watched the amazing [ La Antena]. An incredible Argentinian film, it’s a silent movie, but filmed in 2007. A cross between “Metropolis” and “The Matrix” it’s a fantastic film (if you like Metropolis that is!). As Film4 (who showed it) say: “Great films you know and great films you don’t”.

It’s good to be a geek

So the hard disk in my Humax PVR died Fortunately, just replacing it with another one fixed it – it recognised the new disk, asked me to format it, job done. The fact that I’ve shuffled a few disks around my systems to accomplish this in the best manner (\o/ for RAID-1) is by-the-by Shame […]

Taxes – fair, pnah!

So, taxes. From [ the BBC]: And the bulk of the tax cuts will be directed at those on lowest incomes, partly because they have the highest propensity to spend – for the good of the economy So, the tax cuts will be aimed at the poor since they spend more. Er, if they are […]


Well, the hard disk in my Humax 9200T (freeview box) has died. Didn’t lose much fortunately, those I hadn’t watched will be repeated – other programs were just good films from a while ago. So I’ve temporary put in a 16GB disk (it “reserves” 8GB for MP3s so I only have about 5 hours of […]

paypass security

[ PayPass] is a contactless (NFC – Near Field Communications) method for making payments of up to £10. Such as a coffee. No need to enter your PIN. So, rig up a reader with wi-fi (or some other wireless network), then just “brush” up against people on the tube. £10 per person. Yes, it _is_ […]

Flash 64bit on Linux

Well after many, many years of waiting, we finally have a 64-bit flash plugin on Linux. More staggering than the fact that it’s taken so long, is the fact that this is the first 64-bit version on _any_ platform. Anyhow, the point of this post (other than to say thanks Adobe for _finally_ doing this […]