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December 2009
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Airline security

I’d just like to look at this recent airline bombing attempt to see how effective the security measures have been and will be: * no liquids > 100ml ** well it was solid and hidden * do not fly list ** with over [ one million] names on it, the terrorist was not on it […]

Version updates using pub/sub

I have an android smartphone and whilst overall I’m very happy, the marketplace is definitely a very disappointing weak spot. Searching takes an _age_ (this is from _the_ search company) and often fails – although sometimes a reboot then picks up the application! I have installed atrackdog to tell me which programs need updating, however […]

Email client setup

I’ve recently changed my laptop and as it’s a small netboot, I’m running Ubuntu netbook remix on it. Today I’ve setup email on it and it’s a little involved so I thought it worth documenting. First a little background – I run my own email servers and I like using “mutt” as my email client […]

Tube trains

Whilst waiting for a tube train, I wondered why instead of one very long train every 5-10mins they don’t run short trains more frequently. Historically, longer trains would be more efficient – fewer drivers required and because you need to leave gaps between trains, the throughput is higher. Of course these days we have automated […]

First real test of ubuntu netbook remix

Today I had my first real trial of Ubuntu netbook remix (9.10). This is an an Eeepc 1008HA netbook. Netbook remix has a nice “launcher” which takes over the whole screen and uses large buttons. This is great for me as I can’t use trackpads at all The other big bonus is that “maximus” maximises […]

KSM running

I’ll write up a bit more in a while on [ Bitcube], but for the record: full_scans: 71 max_kernel_pages: 128571 pages_shared: 13640 pages_sharing: 19803 pages_to_scan: 100 pages_unshared: 79285 pages_volatile: 322 run: 1 sleep_millisecs: 20 KSM is “Kernel Samepage Merging” and is a way to share memory between virtualisation instances, thus saving huge amounts of memory. […]