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July 2010
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I want a hero (v2.1)

After a long time awaiting I finally succumbed to impatience and upgraded my Hero phone to v2.1.

I mostly followed [ this guide] but followed step 1 from [ here].

In short:
* use [ this program] to flash the phone to
* copy an “Amon Ra recovery image” to the root of the SD card (i.e. plug phone in via USB and select “mount” in the notification screen)
* also copy over a new image from (villainrom v10 seems good)
* install “flashrec” application (you may need to download flashrec and then use “Astro” file manager to install it
* run flashrec
** select backup
** now select flash and enter /sdcard/recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.2.img (or whatever the name of the Amon Ra recovery images is (prefixed with “/sdcard/”)
* now shutdown the phone
* switch on the phone but hold down both “home” and “power” buttons until you get a warning triangle
* you then need to get the menu to appear – not _quite_ sure how – try pressing home or menu buttons?
** use the trackball to navigate
** if at this point you need to transfer files, just use the “USB-MS toggle” to do so
* backup! (Nand backup does core bits, BART will backup apps too)
* Wipe (you _must_ do this to avoid problems)
** wipe data/factory reset
** wipe dalvik-cache (this may error, don’t worry)
* flash zip from sdcard (note that there is a progress bar in the background)
* reboot
* the first guide says that the first reboot may not work properly and that you may need to take the battery out and retry
* finally note that the things _will_ be slow at first as caches need to be rebuilt

I originally tried superhero but I missed some HTC bits and sense so I’m now using the standard villainrom.

Recovery image booted:

hero recovery firmware

Firmware flashing in progress (see progress bar in the background):
Flashing hero firmware

Finally the rather naff boot screen. “brilliant” but not in a good way – black is nicer, and please turn the backlight off.
Boot screen