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December 2016
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Questions? We don’t need so many questions.

Yesterday I performed an (alternative CD) install of Ubuntu Lucid. The installer doesn’t ask many questions – in fact, I’d argue that it didn’t ask enough since there was no choice in which bundles of packages to install. During the install, I had a thought which would allow some defaults to be accurate rather than […]

Google streethawk

Finally Google Streetview has gone nationwide. I can even see my [,+Hampshire+SO53+4LZ,+United+Kingdom&ll=50.97999,-1.407146&spn=0.002432,0.005043&z=18&layer=c&cbll=50.979988,-1.407019&panoid=IYEVQuVVJgIutZh9fpinvQ&cbp=12,204.94,,1,1.79 first house] down in Chandlers Ford when I worked at IBM Hursley, ah, fond memories. I was just telling my dad how I use streetview when visiting new places – I generally take a look the day before, then on the day I […]

rsync and web browsing

Surfing the web can be slow (I’m not bitter about being 1/2 mile from the [ rollout] of [ Fibre To The Cabinet] in Basingstoke, oh no). There are various tricks currently in use: * Expiry headers which say that data will be valid until a certain time has elapsed. This is great for things […]

Version updates using pub/sub

I have an android smartphone and whilst overall I’m very happy, the marketplace is definitely a very disappointing weak spot. Searching takes an _age_ (this is from _the_ search company) and often fails – although sometimes a reboot then picks up the application! I have installed atrackdog to tell me which programs need updating, however […]

Tube trains

Whilst waiting for a tube train, I wondered why instead of one very long train every 5-10mins they don’t run short trains more frequently. Historically, longer trains would be more efficient – fewer drivers required and because you need to leave gaps between trains, the throughput is higher. Of course these days we have automated […]

OTA updates

My parents Freeview box no longer receives BBC One or BBC Two. They live up in Cheshire and a while ago the Freeview channels were updated with a [ split-NIT], when they retuned the TV following the recent Freeview channel changes (and also for them the analogue switch off), no longer can they receive all […]

Centrifugal fridge

If you jump on a spaceship, fly very quickly, then come back to Earth, you will have aged less than everyone else stuck on Earth. So if you built a centrifuge, put all your food in and whizzed the centrifuge around very quickly (i.e. a good proportion of the speed of light) then you have […]

split screen TVs

3D TV is apparently the “next thing” to ensure that we sit like vegetables on the sofa soaking up hours of adverts. Since 3D works by making each eye see something different, a request if I may. Please can we have split-screen TV. So when your significant other wants to watch “Come Dancing” you can […]

Speech synthesis and accents

With most sat nav systems, you get a choice of perhaps male or female voices. Wouldn’t it be great to have more customised accents? Perhaps English (rather than American). However why stop there, you could have regional accents – North England, South England, [ Macunian]. WARNING: stereotypes ahead! Perhaps a sexy French accent would persuade […]

Bungee powered go-kart

I often have ideas when I’m trying to go to sleep – which is a really inconvenient time to have them as it can become an involuntary brainstorming session and I can’t sleep. I have learnt to always have a pad of paper and a pencil for such times – if I write it down […]