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December 2016
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World of Goo!

Fab game: They _even_ have linux binaries “dpkg –force-architecture -i WorldOfGooDemo.1.40.deb” just worked on my box (yes, you need 32bit libraries installed but I already had the relevant ones installed). Now how much of my life(time) do I want to spend playing it…

Delusions of grandeur

Driving past a white van earlier today, I saw a message scrawled on the back. Not the usual “also available in white” but “why are they called stairs inside but steps outside?” Just to show I’m as easy to amuse as I am to get worked up over something


Despite what people seem to think, I’m actually generally happy. I just rant a bit, well, a lot. Masses in fact. In fact, on IRC we have a unit of Ranting – the “Bridgett”, though we normally use milliBridgetts. So, sites that make me laugh, lol, rothlmao, <g> etc: * [ XKCD] – legendary author […]

You know you work for an IT company when…

16:27 <blueGremlin> Any company that has an employee ‘pizza preferences’ page on their wiki is off to a good start.

Penny Flanagan

On a much lighter note, I should really blog about my favourite music artist – [ Penny Flanagan]. She’s Australian and unfortunately hasn’t recorded for some time and sadly isn’t very well known. I heard an album at some friends many years ago and have been addicted ever since. I’ve only managed to get [ […]

Bizarre meeting of the week

The explanation was “it’s a team building thing – we are going to have a pointless meeting each month”. “Only rule is no work, no kids (that’s _your_ fault)” You may have seen that I’m currently seeking an Espresso machine. Well there are few coffee fanatics at a customer and so obviously I’ve asked their […]

Why designers should ask engineers

An engineer would (I hope) have spotted the [ problem]. If you link three gears like this, they cannot turn.

Ovum – oh dear

Amusing [ story] of the week about Ovum. Google news still has the old incorrect version in the cache I’d have sympathy, but a website where each paragraph is highlighted in red and underlined when your mouse goes over it deserves a miserable death. [ What] were they thinking?

Store Wars

I’ve just been watching a very amusing parody called Store Wars. Whilst personally I have no problems with genetically modified (within reason) or irradiated food, it’s still a very well done film – enough puns for everyone!


Have a look at this optical illusion. If you look at the cross, you can see a green dot circling, but the purple dots vanish.