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December 2016
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I android (apologies to Issac Asimov)

Thanks to [ Imran] for the neat tip. Now everyone can see what I have installed on my phone. The keypass program is a nice new addition found by looking at Imran’s list. Hmm – this isn’t actually the complete list, for example aNetShare isn’t listed in this widget, but it is installed. What a […]

HMRC PAYE Linux support

I’ve received my “New employers” CD-ROM through the post – and it claims to support “major Linux distributions” (they really should list the ones they’ve tested). 64-bit doesn’t appear to be tested at all – it’s a pure 32-bit application. However let’s see how far we can go – these instructions are for 64-bit Debian […]

Dumbing down and choices

Or perhaps more contentiously, “Why Mark Shuttleworth is wrong”. Before I get flamed to death, I should point out the “[ Mark Shuttleworth is right]” post. I believe that what he says is actually correct – there is too much [ bikeshedding] – having a strong leadership is a good thing, even if they occasionally […]

Sanity restored

I’ve just bought a new toy – a Canon Pixma 250 MFP (Multi Function Peripheral). Basically a colour inkjet printer/scanner/photocopier. £35 from Argos which seemed pretty good, I had to wait a whole minute or two for it to arrive after I ordered it – very impressive. I did some research and found that new […]

Scripting, dying?

I read way too much, sadly I came across a post this morning about data storage technologies that [ will die]. Most of those I think are fairly obvious, however some are just wrong and some lack an explanation. I’ll start with the biggest error: Scripts Firstly, scripts aren’t anything to do with data storage […]

Every cloud has a Linux lining

The last few days I’ve spent playing with [ Eucalyptus] – the open source [ EC2] equivalent. Several times I’ve been tearing my hair out – particularly with some image issues (why oh why can’t it use an external database rather than the noddy internal one – that way when it’s confused I can fix […]

udev rules for Logitech G7 mouse

Recently, X.Org has been removing HAL from the requirement list. This is good except that it means reconfiguring things. Again. I have a Logitech G7 mouse and it has a side button which defaults to “back”. I like it remapped to “middle button” (which pastes text in Unix). I used to use a ButtonMapping in […]

SSL breakage and client verification

Hopefully this may help others. I’ve recently been trying for an SSL certificate for a customer. Their wizard unfortunately insists upon generating them with “www” in front (although it provides altname of “DNS:,” (names altered BTW)) – however firefox ain’t happy. So I’m going to get them to sign my CSR. However […]

Puppet compatibility – or lack of

Whilst playing with the [ puppet-dashboard] I noticed some warning notices in my puppetmaster logs. Now all file resource types must prefix “module” (although templates don’t need to!). It’s only a small change, but please can these things be done a bit more sanely? By this I mean a documented approach to when these changes […]

Email client setup

I’ve recently changed my laptop and as it’s a small netboot, I’m running Ubuntu netbook remix on it. Today I’ve setup email on it and it’s a little involved so I thought it worth documenting. First a little background – I run my own email servers and I like using “mutt” as my email client […]