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December 2016
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Pro Ubuntu Server Administration

Or perhaps anti-“Pro Ubuntu Server Administration” would be a more accurate title. Anyhow, my first HantsLUG [ book review].


Well planet is back up and running on the LUG box. Lurker ain’t happy (still) – it complains about permissions but they are fine. I’ve added some debug to see what is going on. Not looked at gallery yet. One reason I’ve not finished these yet is that my folks came down for a visit. […]

Disk updates

Well that disk looks pretty unhappy. We’ve taken the “opportunity” to move onto a new machine very kindly donated by Andy Smith of []. Just awaiting various DNS entries to trickly out. Restore took just over 10 hours to upload 1.7GB over my ADSL line. We restored the wiki’s this morning as they were […]

Disk troubles

Well today we had rather unpleasant news. One of the webpages on [] was returning: Creating cache file (20080331.224307.b25e9866.en.html:Read-only file system): We could still log into the box, but on typing “dmesg” to see the kernel messages we were greated by pages of: EXT3-fs error (device ide0(3,1)) in start_transaction: Journal has aborted Sure enough, […]

HantsLUG February meeting

Another month, another [ HantsLUG meeting]. My OpenVPN talk went without a hitch which was good – live demos always make me a little nervous, computers being the picky things that they are. [ Hugo] did another grand job with his GPG talk (part one of two) – as usual he is being very thorough! […]


Next weekend it’s time for another [ HantsLUG] meeting. We have a security theme this month after a poll we did showed that was the preferred topic (thanks to those who took time to vote). I’ve just finished the slides for the [ OpenVPN] talk I’ll be presenting – you can get them in both […]

Soundbridge talk at HantsLUG

Two talks at HantsLUG in two months Hugo had problems with openoffice crashing on several machines during an animation (64-bit issue by the looks of things) and so couldn’t finish preparing his talk in time. So I decided to extend my demo on the [ Soundbridge] to something a bit longer to fill the gap. […]

HantsLUG/SurreyLUG meet

Another month, another LUG meet. This month it was another meeting with [ SurreyLUG] kindly arranged by Dominic. All three speakers were from HantsLUG though – including an Ubuntu Developers Conference talk by Alan Pope and one on bitlbee by Tony Whitmore. The first talk up one by yours truly about [ puppet]. I was […]

HantsLUG survey

In other news, we’ve had 35 submissions to the HantsLUG survey so far which far exceeds my expectations – I was expecting to have to poke the mailing list several times to get half that number. I’ll give it a bit longer and then will produce the numbers, a summary of the results and what […]

HantsLUG December meeting

Well we’ve just had the last HantsLUG meeting for 2006. One of our busier meetings – 37 people through the door including Pete Savage (and his entourage) who did an excellent talk on Python and GTK with a very polished presentation. I missed Adam Trickett’s talk on DIY web design unfortunately as I was busy […]