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December 2016
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Sanity restored

I’ve just bought a new toy – a Canon Pixma 250 MFP (Multi Function Peripheral). Basically a colour inkjet printer/scanner/photocopier. £35 from Argos which seemed pretty good, I had to wait a whole minute or two for it to arrive after I ordered it – very impressive. I did some research and found that new […]

Every cloud has a Linux lining

The last few days I’ve spent playing with [ Eucalyptus] – the open source [ EC2] equivalent. Several times I’ve been tearing my hair out – particularly with some image issues (why oh why can’t it use an external database rather than the noddy internal one – that way when it’s confused I can fix […]

udev rules for Logitech G7 mouse

Recently, X.Org has been removing HAL from the requirement list. This is good except that it means reconfiguring things. Again. I have a Logitech G7 mouse and it has a side button which defaults to “back”. I like it remapped to “middle button” (which pastes text in Unix). I used to use a ButtonMapping in […]

Email client setup

I’ve recently changed my laptop and as it’s a small netboot, I’m running Ubuntu netbook remix on it. Today I’ve setup email on it and it’s a little involved so I thought it worth documenting. First a little background – I run my own email servers and I like using “mutt” as my email client […]

First real test of ubuntu netbook remix

Today I had my first real trial of Ubuntu netbook remix (9.10). This is an an Eeepc 1008HA netbook. Netbook remix has a nice “launcher” which takes over the whole screen and uses large buttons. This is great for me as I can’t use trackpads at all The other big bonus is that “maximus” maximises […]

KSM running

I’ll write up a bit more in a while on [ Bitcube], but for the record: full_scans: 71 max_kernel_pages: 128571 pages_shared: 13640 pages_sharing: 19803 pages_to_scan: 100 pages_unshared: 79285 pages_volatile: 322 run: 1 sleep_millisecs: 20 KSM is “Kernel Samepage Merging” and is a way to share memory between virtualisation instances, thus saving huge amounts of memory. […] and twitter

Yes, part of the point of this blog entry is to check that wordpress will tweet all my blog posts automatically is basically an open source twitter, it will be interesting to see where it goes, but ATM at least it can feed twitter quite nicely. Unfortunately I still have to follow twitter to […]


In a follow up from yesterdays entry, I opened up my graphics card (Nvidia 8800GTS) and got rid of the dust. As you can see – there was quite a coating! Shame Nvidia made it so hard to clean (there’s normally a cover over this lot so you can’t see it, or clean it), I […]

Underclocking NVIDIA

Recently my desktop has become a little noisier than usual (it is pretty quiet). After some investigation I found that the cause was the fan on the graphics card. Using nvclock you can find out (retrospectively only AFAICT) the fan speed, let’s reduce it to 40%: sudo nvclock -f -F 40 Current fanspeed: 1612 RPM […]

Pulseaudio – this battle maybe won but the war lingers on

Pulseaudio seems to cause many, many problems for a lot of people. Unfortunately that’s partly the nature of audio applications on Linux. Let me explain. Only one program can talk to the soundcard at once – so you can either listen to OGGs/MP3s or get IM “ping”s, but not both. Obviously this is a tad […]