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December 2016
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Dumbing down and choices

Or perhaps more contentiously, “Why Mark Shuttleworth is wrong”. Before I get flamed to death, I should point out the “[ Mark Shuttleworth is right]” post. I believe that what he says is actually correct – there is too much [ bikeshedding] – having a strong leadership is a good thing, even if they occasionally […]

Scripting, dying?

I read way too much, sadly I came across a post this morning about data storage technologies that [ will die]. Most of those I think are fairly obvious, however some are just wrong and some lack an explanation. I’ll start with the biggest error: Scripts Firstly, scripts aren’t anything to do with data storage […]

udev rules for Logitech G7 mouse

Recently, X.Org has been removing HAL from the requirement list. This is good except that it means reconfiguring things. Again. I have a Logitech G7 mouse and it has a side button which defaults to “back”. I like it remapped to “middle button” (which pastes text in Unix). I used to use a ButtonMapping in […]

Puppet compatibility – or lack of

Whilst playing with the [ puppet-dashboard] I noticed some warning notices in my puppetmaster logs. Now all file resource types must prefix “module” (although templates don’t need to!). It’s only a small change, but please can these things be done a bit more sanely? By this I mean a documented approach to when these changes […]

First real test of ubuntu netbook remix

Today I had my first real trial of Ubuntu netbook remix (9.10). This is an an Eeepc 1008HA netbook. Netbook remix has a nice “launcher” which takes over the whole screen and uses large buttons. This is great for me as I can’t use trackpads at all The other big bonus is that “maximus” maximises […]

Customisation and Gnome FAIL

I’ve been a keen Linux user for just shy of fifteen years now and there have been many, many changes, but I’m just going to look at the “desktop” side and see how things have changed (or not). “Out of the box” – this has drastically improved. Sound normally works now and general hardware support […]

Pulseaudio – this battle maybe won but the war lingers on

Pulseaudio seems to cause many, many problems for a lot of people. Unfortunately that’s partly the nature of audio applications on Linux. Let me explain. Only one program can talk to the soundcard at once – so you can either listen to OGGs/MP3s or get IM “ping”s, but not both. Obviously this is a tad […]

Google Chrome on Linux – not quite ready

After reading [ this article] I decided to give it a go. First of all, the import from firefox doesn’t import passwords so until that happens I’m not going to cut over. It certainly seems nice and quick – however I really dislike the Chrome interface personally even if it does reduce the (small) amount […]

No comment

I often think that Java has the worst case of [ NIH ] syndrome I’ve ever seen. At other times it’s due to the way it chooses to do things. However that’s little excuse in my opinion – “so don’t do that then” is one possible answer. “Think of the children” (or rather “think of […]

Email improvements

Just added TLS to my mail server and whilst I was at it, SASL AUTH (via dovecot). The latter was very easy, the former was also pretty simple after I read the big document I’m not authenticating clients via TLS – it’s possible, but SASL AUTH is a better solution for me (you don’t need […]