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December 2016
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I want a hero (v2.1)

After a long time awaiting I finally succumbed to impatience and upgraded my Hero phone to v2.1. I mostly followed [ this guide] but followed step 1 from [ here]. In short: * use [ this program] to flash the phone to * copy an “Amon Ra recovery image” to the root of the […]

s/I meant/this/

We have all seen Internet shorthand adopted by the world at large. From acronymns such as [ ROTFL] through [ smileys] and other usage such as \o/ (person with arms raised as a “yay!” sign) and “o/” (person waving hello/goodbye or for attention). I think we now need to work on getting [ sed] syntax […]

Asus’s “Q” connector

Now here is something that’s really neat. If you’ve ever built a PC you’ll know how tedious it is to fit all those front panel connectors. At least, unless you have an Asus motherboard in which case you receive a Q-connector which you plug the fiddly connectors into (nice and easy since it’s a seperate […]

ASRock and virtualisation

Well, I was a bit disappointed the other day to go into the BIOS of my PC and discovering that “Virtualization” was set to disabled and that I wasn’t allowed to change it. So, I sent an email off to ASRock asking what’s up (I know several manufacturers disable it and won’t turn it on […]

Computer names

Ah, that old chestnut. Well in planning my new setup, I need to come up with a naming scheme. I have an old naming scheme, but there was no big pattern to it (basically mythological creatures). Ideally I’d like something with several sub-classes to it, e.g. DMZ, test, etc. I’ve so far seen: famous computers […]

New PC

Well I’ve RMAd the graphics card and obtained a refund, now I just need to see what happens with ATI’s DX10 cards and await the new Nvidia cards mentioned for the first time here. This is good, I was probably going for the med-range DX10 from nvidia when released. 8600Ultra perhaps looks about on the […]


As I mentioned the other day, I’m going to be purchasing some monitors to replace my old trustworthy Iiyama visionmaster pro 450. My normal way of working many years ago was: 1600×1200 netscape or emacs full height at right hand side about 2/3 screen width three xterms arranged vertically down the left hand side This […]

Nvidia 7900GS and ASRock corruption

Well this is causing me alot of grief but I can’t track down where the problem lies. Currently asking Nvidia and ASRock for help. Most of this entry is from my support requests to them: I’m experiencing _dreadful_ 3D corruption with a new 7900GS in a new “Asrock Conroe XFire eSata” motherboard. I’ve spent about […]


Just thought this up on IRC and thought it was amusing: AeroPain: when your machine isn”t fast enough to run Vista”s eye candy

New PC – this time it’s for real

Well sometime ago I was looking at getting a new PC, but held off for Intel’s Conroe CPU (aka Core 2 Duo). That worked very well as it’s a superb chip and even if I went with AMD, they’ve decimated their prices (they had dropped a lot already, they’ve just dropped another 50% apparently!). Here’s […]