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How to really configure Mac SSH agent

By Adrian Bridgett on 2023-10-05

We all have some legacy systems out there. That can mean lots of SSH sessions. Occassionally my sessions would hang. One day not only did I find an easy way to reproduce the issue, but I had enough …

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Infrastructure evolution

By Adrian Bridgett on 2023-01-16

25 years is a long time. It’s flown by. In that time we’ve gone from sysadmins managing dozens of computers to devops and SREs looking after 10-100,000 computers. Let’s take a quick …

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Sprints considered harmful

By Adrian Bridgett on 2021-02-21

Scrum sprints are a technique of software development. All the pieces of work form a “backlog”. The team plans and estimates how much work they’ll produce for the next …

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Lessons from air crash investigations

By Adrian Bridgett on 2021-02-15

What can we learn from aircraft investigations and how we can apply these to SRE? … Over Christmas I fell ill, dizzy, unable to concentrate on work or even complete personal projects. Instead I …

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